An exciting professional development opportunity for nursery, pre-school, and daycare staff: Learn all about how to support 'picky eaters' using the latest research-informed best practice.

Course Description:

This two-part webinar series is a unique opportunity for daycare and pre-school staff to learn from two internationally acclaimed child feeding specialists with specific expertise in supporting young children’s eating in educational and childcare settings. 

Wherever you are in the world, you will have had children in your care who are ‘picky eaters’. In fact, research tells us that a quarter of young children are perceived as ‘picky’ by their parent. Despite feeding challenges being extremely common, this topic is rarely covered in any depth in training for early childhood professionals. There is a wealth of resources on nutrition – the WHAT of feeding children – but very little on the HOW. You could not have two more knowledgeable presenters taking you through how to identify and respond to ‘picky eating’ in the children in your care.

Watch the lessons on your own time - then attend a live Q & A for your time zone.

We hear you: watching a long presentation live at a fixed time doesn't work for everyone. But having the opportunity to ask questions to the presenters can be invaluable. So we've pre-recorded the informational portions of these lessons and we're offering 5 live Q&A sessions with Heidi and Jo where you can get their answers to your questions.

Part 1:

Responsive Feeding

Webinar 1 will provide you with an introduction to Responsive Feeding; the recognized gold standard in feeding children from infancy and beyond. This will support your practice in relation to feeding all the children in your care.

DURATION: 1 hour

Part 2:

Picky Eating

Webinar 2 is a deeper dive into ‘picky eating’, including:

  • How to distinguish typical eating from feeding differences requiring specialist help
  • What causes ‘picky eating’
  • 7 steps to helping ‘picky eaters’
  • Accommodations for ‘picky eaters’
  • Tips for teaching about food
  • Considerations for food provision

DURATION: 2 hours


Is this for UK or US staff?

Both! The presenters are based in the UK and the US and so they've made sure the content is relevant to you wherever you are. You can choose a Q & A session with either Heidi in the US, or Jo in the UK. 

How much is this in £? Prices are just in dollars

Responsive Feeding Pro is a US training provider so our prices are in dollars. You can get an idea of the equivalent cost in pounds from an online currency converter, though the rate you pay will be less favorable: Online Currency Converter at

How does 'whole setting' enrollment work?

If you select this option, you can screen the webinars as a CPD session/sessions in your setting and as many staff as you like can watch. The person who registered then needs to follow up with everyone's email addresses. 

We are part of a chain, does 'whole setting' enrollment cover multiple settings?

No - it just covers a single setting. Email us ([email protected]) for a price for multiple settings. 

Who is this for?

We recommend ALL staff watch these webinars. It is just as important for managers to understand how to support picky eaters (so they can ensure consistency of practice and policies) as it is for those managing mealtimes.

Any other questions we haven't covered? Email us: [email protected] and we'll be happy to help. 

Heidi Liefer Moreland MS, CCC-SLP, BCS-S, CLC

Heidi is a speech therapist and feeding specialist with Thrive by Spectrum Pediatrics. Heidi has 25 years of experience of working with children who have feeding challenges, supporting families virtually and in-person through family mealtime coaching, remote responsive feeding therapy, and the Thrive by Spectrum Pediatrics Feeding Tube Weaning Program. With her history as a qualified preschool teacher, Heidi has a unique understanding of how early educators can support children’s relationship with food in their setting. Heidi has an international reputation for her expertise in feeding challenges, ranging from typical ‘picky eating’ through to tube weaning. 

Jo Cormack PhD MBACP

Jo is a researcher and clinician specialising in avoidant (‘picky’) eating. She is a co-founder of Responsive Feeding Pro. Her background as a therapist enables her to support the relational and emotional aspects of feeding children. Jo’s PhD in psychology focused on ‘picky eating’ in the context of children aged between two and five years. She is the author of Helping Children Develop a Positive Relationship with Food: a guide for Early Years practitioners (Jessica Kingsley Publishers) which was a winner of the UK Teach Early Years awards in 2018. As well as providing clinical supervision, Jo also trains feeding professionals all over the world, both through her speaking engagements and her small-group training in her model, Emotionally Aware Feeding (EAF) which comes under the Responsive Feeding Therapy umbrella.

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