Responsive Feeding Therapy in Early Intervention (Age 0-3): 

"Presenters demonstrated excellent knowledge and were easy to listen to. Very engaging including use of case studies. Definitely worth my time for professional growth."

Occupational Therapist, United States

Course Description:

Practitioners who work with the 0-3-year old population are presented with a unique opportunity to support families whose children are going through a period of rapid development. During this period, children’s daily routines and their primary caregivers are their best teachers. Interrupting these naturally occurring processes and learning opportunities through the insertion of therapist-driven strategies and tools is detrimental to the child’s development and the caregiver-child relationship. Early intervention services are required to be dynamic, individualized, and functional with family-driven priorities at the heart of every interaction. Aligning with the key principles of Early Intervention, the RFT values of autonomy, relationship, intrinsic motivation, individualized care, and competence allow a dynamic relationship where the caregiver is supported in being the agent of change. The speakers will introduce and expand upon the basic principles of RFT and demonstrate how they fit with the values of Early Intervention. They will use case studies to discuss ways in which to integrate RFT principles into daily therapy interactions that are commonly seen on the Early Intervention caseload.

LEVEL:  Beginner
DURATION: 2 hours

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Ashley Glasser MS, OTR/L

Ashley Glasser is an occupational therapist, clinical coordinator, and early intervention supervisor at Spectrum Pediatrics with almost a decade of experience supporting families as an OT and further experience as a former special education teacher. Ashley has extensive knowledge on the use of the research-based coaching model in early intervention. She finds great joy in building caregivers’ capacity to help their children grow and thrive.

Brianna Brown MS, CCC-SLP

Brianna Brown is a speech-language pathologist and feeding specialist with Thrive by Spectrum Pediatrics and has almost a decade of experience supporting families in a variety of settings. She has extensive experience working with families to overcome feeding challenges in the early intervention arena by supporting them in their natural environments and through the use of coaching strategies.

Learning Objectives: at the completion of this course, the participant will be able to:
  1. Articulate the core principles of early intervention.
  2. Articulate the core principles of responsive feeding therapy.
  3. Implement responsive feeding strategies during an early intervention session.

CEU information:

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